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 U-He release updates for many products

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PostSubject: U-He release updates for many products   Fri Oct 09, 2015 7:44 pm

u-he has released updates for almost all of their products, available for both Mac OS X and Windows. These updates bring a number of improvements and bug fixes to the u-he product line:

1. UI improvements:
-All plugin UIs now have 10% scaling, from 70% to 200%.
-The ACE UI is now clearer and has new modulation sources.
-Diva UI was also improved for increased clarity.
-The Zebra2 "Unempty Dark Horse" skin is now complete.
-A number of small graphics issues in various plugins are fixed.
2.Configuration Menu: Bazille, Zebra2, Hive, Diva, ACE and Podolski now have a configuration menu (look for the cogwheel icon). This menu houses:
-MIDI learn: a visual overlay for assigning MIDI controls to the plugin interface.
-MIDI list table: editable list of assigned MIDI controls.
-Preferences: global settings for controls, appearance and audio.
3.Host/DAW issues:
-The "Missing UI" in Logic and Studio One is fixed.
-Plus a number of small issues were fixed in various hosts: Logic X, Studio One, Cubase, REAPER, Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Maschine and Kore.
4.Everything else: These updates include a heap of general improvements: fixed hanging and dropped notes, improved MIDI timing, new FX parameters and much more.

Products updated:

   Zebra2 2.7.2
   Hive 1.1
   ACE 1.4
   Bazille 1.1
   Diva 1.4
   Uhbik 1.3.1
   Filterscape 1.4.1
   MFM2 2.2.1
   Podolski 1.2.1
   TripleCheese 1.2.1

These updates are free for current owners and is available at u-he.com. Just download and install over your existing plug-ins.

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U-He release updates for many products
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