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 Recommend plugin for ethereal/pad/soundscape/background sounds

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PostSubject: Recommend plugin for ethereal/pad/soundscape/background sounds   Sat Oct 10, 2015 1:23 am

Ethereal - extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.

Yes, that's about what I'm after, there's seems to be plenty of dark/obscure/trippy things when one searches for pad/soundscapes solutions, back in my psytrance days, that would be perfect, but I'm really not after that sound No

There's that strangeness, metallic coldness, creatures approaching, space invading, darkness from beneath and within kind of impression I got when I go trough presets of some of this fine plugins I got, again, that's all good for cinematic stuff and genuinely people into that kind of vibe, but for me, it's layers of unnecessary complication, complexity and urge.

I want to get something to cover my pads/soundscapes needs, but wouldn't' hurt to kill few flies and don't' spend fortune, I'm mostly looking for presets, but if thing is inviting, I should tweak something here and there, but I'm not planning on messing around that much.


Because let's get honest here, I'm your usual psytrance/EDM guy that spent his time making aggressive in your face synth sounds, so yeah, this is practically new field for me and I'm not there really, this stuff is sound designers field and I trust them to deliver something I need to make awesome music, to inspire me and to give me just "that" level of quality from the get go.

I'm drown to angelic/choir/voice kind of stuff, even not authentic ones, but that kind of feel, if you think about general feel, think about emotion captured in moment, mystic, think about scene where guy is not approached from behind in unknown by something unknown, nothing dramatic, it's that moment of calmness, deep breath, outdoors, that moment to be remembered, bright colors, impressive sight, emotions.

It's not only about light or happiness, it's euphoria, it's sadness, it's love, deja vu, spring, sunset, her face, smells, everything, desert, lost and nowhere, somewhere, moment in time...

Yeah, I'm after that kind of sounds, gonna post something in that ballpark

Starts @0:54

that kinda fits that airy angelic kind of voicy feel that captures a moment of euphoria, it's spring day, sky is in all those colors, sunset, smell of spring reminds you on her, on love, you feel kinda lonely, but profiled because you once felt that love, goosebumps follows the memories, flashbacks, deep breath, you feel peaceful and calm, nostalgia filled with euphoria...

Another example, was going trough ProtoPlasm by HG Fortune and stumbled on one preset (among more than 100) that I really liked, it's 109:PAD_Dramatico, it got that nostalgic feeling, dunno, middle of desert, sun is coming down, he looks around, take deep breath, it's really one of those moments...


This one really got me too, plenty of my cup of tea sounds, really made me rethink Zebra

But than again, Diva is there too, I actually like tweaking this, Zebra is not really inviting at all

Sure Omnisphere is awesome, but pricey a little

Omnisphere is nice, but for that kind of money, I'm really not covered, he's leaning towards more cinematic thing and for sure there's loads of stuff in there, but for 400 euros I have like two lib's that fit my thing perfectly or one lib and one synth that can do Omni's portion of pad's and synth stuff to some extent (still I would like to get Omni too one day, but it's not priority, just luxury)

So yeah, the question is, which synth? Any suggestions my brothers?  
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Recommend plugin for ethereal/pad/soundscape/background sounds
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